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Sober Grid Ground Rules

1. Our mission is to provide a platform to people in, or seeking, recovery to share their experience, ask for guidance, and to connect for 24/7 support wherever they may be.

2. Sober Grid is a peer support application. Therefore, we ask that members please refrain from using the application for dating purposes.

3. Sober Grid prohibits bullying, intimidation or harassment of any kind. Sober Grid will remove the account of any member who engages in this behavior.

4. You may not post pornographic or violent content or include such content on your profile. Violation of this rule will result in the removal of the content by one of the admins out of respect for other users and may result in the banning of your account.

5. You may not use the Sober Grid service for the purpose of spamming anyone.

6. If we remove your content for the violation of one of the rules above, and you believe we removed in error, we will provide you with an opportunity for appeal.

7. Using Sober Grid for the purposes of promotion, advertising, or selling any goods or services needs to be discussed with a Sober Grid representative. Unauthorized content will be removed from the application. Please, email all the advertisement proposals to for further consideration.

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