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Staying Strong Through the Holidays

When the holidays approach, it can be very difficult to stay sober. With holiday parties, family gatherings, and other social events, alcohol is sure to be served. For those of us who have recently become sober, these types of events often bring back memories of when we used to drink alcohol and do drugs. Although there will be lots of other people around you are enjoying the taste of alcohol and engaging in drug activity, your ability to stay sober is worth celebrating. If you find it difficult to stay sober during the holidays, the following tips will help you to stay on the wagon. Be prepared

Regardless of whether people know that you are now sober, you will be offered a drink. Therefore, you need to be prepared with a response. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can let the person know that you are now in the recovery process. If you do not feel comfortable telling the person that you are recovering, you can simple decline the offer. Most people will not mind if you opt for a diet coke instead of a glass of wine. You have made it this far

It is important to remember that you have made it a long way when it comes to recovery, and you must remind yourself that staying sober is important. Sobriety is important for you and the ones that are closest to you. Once you make it through the holiday season, this will be another goal that you will have accomplished. Be careful about the parties you choose

During the holiday season, you will receive invitations to lots of parties; however, the best parties to attend will be the ones with your family and friends. If you know that there will be lots of alcohol and drugs at certain parties, then you will want to decline those invitations. Staying sober is extremely important, and a few hours of partying are not worth the risk of you losing the battle. Stay away from the bar

With many holiday parties, you may find yourself at a restaurant or club. In these cases, it is important to stay away from the bar. Temptation is sometimes difficult to avoid, so if you eliminate these potential temptations, then it will not be as difficult. Staying at the bar will possibly make you crave alcohol; therefore, it is important to avoid the bar at all times. Have a sober friend

Throughout the recovery process, it is important to have a sober friend that is there to support you. During the holidays, you will often have to rely on this friend. If you attend a party or social gathering, bring this friend with you. If the friend is not able to attend, then you should have the person’s number on speed-dial; therefore, you can call him or her if you feel tempted. This person will be there to assist you during your quest to stay sober. Attend an AA party

One of the best ways to stay sober during the holidays is to skip the normal holiday gatherings and attend an AA party. Just like any other holiday party, you will have lots of fun socializing with other people. However, you will not have to worry about the temptation of drugs or alcohol because there will be none served. Additionally, you can celebrate your recovery with others who are going through the process as well. Staying sober during the holiday season can seem impossible, but with the tips above, you can stay on your road to recovery. It is important to remember that there are lots of holiday parties that you can attend in which alcohol and drugs will not be on the menu; therefore, if you opt for these parties, you will not be tempted to resort back to your old habits.

About the Author:

Joe Humphries is a contributing writer and media specialist for Summer House Detox. He regularly writes articles for recover blogs, with an emphasis on life after drugs and alcohol.

Source: Summer House Detox

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