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7 Great Reasons to Give Up Alcohol For Your New Year’s Resolution

Are you still scrambling for a New Year’s resolution? No worries, because we’ve got one that will accomplish more than seven resolutions put together. In 2018, resolve to give up alcohol and you’ll reap the following rewards.

1. You’ll probably lose weight

The recommended 8-ounce glass of water has zero calories. The recommended five-ounce glass of wine has 123. It’s obvious that alcohol (not just wine) adds empty calories, but when we dig a little deeper, we realize that the problem is worse than it seems. Most people are pouring too much alcohol. If you can only get three glasses out of a bottle, you’re pouring way too much per serving. A bottle of wine holds about five 5-ounce servings.

2. You’ll make better decisions

Anyone who has had a few shots of tequila can tell you that alcohol impairs your ability to make good decisions. When you’re drunk, you’re more likely to engage in risky behavior that can put yourself in danger.

3. Your cancer risk will decrease

Although our society associates alcohol with celebration, we can’t ignore the fact that alcohol is deadly. Alcohol abuse can lead to violence, self-harm or car accidents, and it can even increase your cancer risk.

A Society for the Study of Addictions study shows that up to 6 percent of all cancers can be attributed to alcohol. These include liver, rectal, breast, colon, oropharyngeal, laryngeal and esophageal cancers.

4. You’ll avoid alcoholism

Problem drinking, such as binge drinking, can easily lead to alcoholism. If you think you have a problem with drinking, this is important and time sensitive. You don’t get to decide when your problem drinking turns to alcoholism. Your body will let you know. So, if you think you can stop “tomorrow,” you might be wrong. Once alcoholism has taken hold, you will not be able to stop drinking without experiencing physical symptoms of withdrawal.

5. Your memory will improve

Alcohol affects the brain in many ways, but its most obvious changes impact the memory. This is why some people black out when they’ve had too much to drink. Their brain becomes incapable of storing new memories, so they won’t remember something that happened just 15 minutes earlier. Alcoholism also increases your chances of developing dementia later in life.

6. You’ll save money

Any way you look at it, alcohol is not a necessity. Alcoholics may think they need alcohol to avoid withdrawal symptoms, but those symptoms are the body’s way of restoring health. Let’s say you average just $5 on alcohol every day. That’s $35 a week, $150 per month and $1,825 per year. Do you think you’d be able to find a better use for that money if you stopped drinking?

7. Your relationships will be healthier

We’ve already established that alcohol impairs your ability to make sound decisions. Well, poor decisions can put a strain on any healthy relationship. And if your drinking is truly a habit, you’re likely to start putting alcohol above the people who should be important in your life. Without alcohol, you can focus on fostering healthy relationships without unhealthy distractions.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018 without alcohol!

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