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Saying GoodBye to Intoxication

It all began with a curious mind, leading to me experimenting with Ketamine and the other drugs. What followed afterward was me partying and drugging hard-core, which became my lifestyle and, then, my way of numbing and suppressing my feelings.

I, now, say goodbye to you, INTOXICATION.

Ket was my drug of choice, but, actually, I tried a lot of drugs, not just tried, but used a lot of drugs.

Therefore, I say goodbye to you, INTOXICATION.

Let’s take a look back to where it all began. Fresh out of school, with a lot of goals which I pushed aside thinking experimentation won’t do any harm, but that was just the denial. Then I went onto partying which became a lifestyle and, still, I was in denial when I stopped partying as much, thinking after that all will be okay. But it wasn’t, it was far from okay. It was then a way to numb and suppress my feelings. All that had led me to my rock bottom. Grateful to be out of there, because I have had enough.

To Intoxication: You only caused me pain and suffering; you took me to the darkest of the places possible. Looking back now, I realize how my addiction took control of me. The pain that you brought not just on me, but on my family too. Those so-called “good times” we shared were just an illusion. But no longer am I in denial. I resent you, INTOXICATION.

There is so much to say. But actually, you, INTOXICATION, don’t need any explanation.

I surrender. My faith is restored. I shall no longer let you control me. This is my life, my journey, and there is no space for you in it.


GOODBYE KET, you no longer control me! So, you are no longer welcome and you never will be because I have God by my side.

Goodbye Forever, Intoxication!

About the Author:

Living and enjoying life without the use of drugs. Taking it one day at a time. I intend to enjoy my life to the fullest, but I am going to do so sober and clean. Grateful to be on this journey of recovery!

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