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Bill Weld, My Mentor

Governor Weld is clearly someone who cares about people who struggle with addiction issues. Weld, Sheryl Crow, Dr. Oz, and the US Surgeon General were just a few of the big names that gathered in Washington last year to advocate for the addicted population. They urged for the de-criminalization of substance abuse, increasing access to treatment, the importance for prevention, and need for research for this national health crisis. Having support from people like Gov. Weld, Sheryl Crow, and Dr. Oz, who are individuals that do not suffer with alcoholism or addiction but still support this underserved population is a God send. He is a man that has always stood up for underserved populations. This was seen with him leading the way for equal rights amongst gays in the early 1990s. Weld has been a mentor to me and I am forever grateful to have one of the greatest men of my time to guide me along the way. Below is a letter that Weld wrote about Sober Grid when we launched. - Beau Mann

“The launch of Sober Grid’s geospatial app is a major political and cultural event. There are 23 million people recovering from addiction and living in sobriety in the United States today. There are an additional 22 million who are not recovering and are suffering from active addiction.. Together those groups constitute more than 10 per cent of the American population.

Yet our country remains strangely silent about the massive human and economic costs of addiction- silent, and unsupportive. It is well past time for a national focus on and network of support for Americans wrestling with the scourge of addiction, as has been done successfully with the scourges of cancer and heart disease.

Sober Grid will be part of that national support network, and part of that focus.

I have seen firsthand, through exposure to the incalculably valuable role played by Alcoholics Anonymous, the psychological and even physical need which recovering alcoholics have for connectivity with others who understand their struggles and share their determination. Sober Grid can make a major societal contribution by supplying that connectivity, and by rallying others to join in a national recognition of addiction as the massive public health, economic, and societal problem that it is.

Sober Grid is the ultimate ‘double bottom line’ company.” -- Bill Weld

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