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The Spiral: Part 2

More bad news came the day she was supposed to take her son home. Child protective services called and told her she was not allowed to take her son home due to the drugs. Luckily her mom stepped in and decided to raise her son herself.

Things continued to spiral down. She started a new job, but soon lost it. She moved into a travel trailer where most people were using drugs, and met a guy who used needles. Soon after they met she started using needles as well. One day she broke down, and knew she needed to get help as soon as possible. She wanted to be healthy for her son, and wanted him back. She checked into a month long rehab center and moved back in with her aunt when she was done.

Things were going well for the time being. She found a job and was even able to see her son anytime she wanted because her and her mom lived in the same apartment complex. She seemed to be doing ok. Or so she thought. She was still surrounding herself with the same people she did before, in the same neighborhood. Her old boyfriend came back into her life along with drugs. The spiral began once again. Unable to move back in with her aunt due to her not living in the area anymore she ended up pregnant and living with her boyfriend back in the travel trailer.

She decided to put her new baby up for adoption, but continued to use drugs during her pregnancy. Soon after she found the Edna Gladney center and moved in there. Her boyfriend was sent to and released from prison and put on parole while she was in the center. When she was released she moved in with her boyfriend and his mom.

Today she has been clean and sober for a year and two months along with her boyfriend who has not used since he went to prison. They both have jobs and can pay their child support. She does get to see her kids, but sadly her boyfriend does not get to see his. It is something they both are working toward fixing.

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