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The Spiral: Part 1

Growing up she stayed out of trouble. In high school she would drink and smoke socially, but it didn’t appeal to her that much. She married and started her family at just 20 years old. Soon after however at 22 she realized her and her husband were yearning for different things and they seperated.

A few months after the separation she met a new man. He was a heavy drinker, and smoked meth. Things got violent fast and she left, but ended up going back to him a few months later. During this time she still had not touched drugs and was working as a pet stylist making decent money.

After one extremely long night of driving to pick up her boyfriends brother, she decided to smoke some meth to help her stay awake. That was the breaking point for her and she spiraled downward fast. After that night she started using on a regular basis, going as far as taking it to work with her. It came to the point where her and her boyfriend did not have a car, or house, and had to live in a tent under a bridge.

Her relationship then fell apart again and he went to jail, and she went to live with her grandmother. While she was living at the grandmother’s home she tried to quit meth, and she did for a few weeks. It didn’t take long though for her to start back up again, and all on her own this time.

About a month later her boyfriend got out of jail and she went back to be with him and they lived under the bridge for about a year. Five months into that year she became pregnant. Due to the pregnancy she quit smoking meth again. Soon after things got violent for the third time and her boyfriend went to jail, and she went back to live with her grandmother.

Her boyfriend signed to be on probation so he would be able to watch his son being born. They both were jumping from different family and friend’s houses and her boyfriend ended up revoking his probation. When her son was finally born he had to be put immediately in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). He stayed there for two months. Then sadly two weeks after the birth of her son, her grandmother passed away, which triggered the drug use to start all over again...

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